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Life long friends don’t just happen over night… they happen because they are with you through thick and thin… in  sickness and in health…through good times and bad… and all the while time keeps on tickin’ tickin’ tickin’.   This summer, I had the opportunity to hang out with some life-long friends from my “Richmond Ballet years”.  It was surreal.  We had beer, we had wine… we had children… EVERYWHERE.  I was literally speechless at times, because being around *these* friends, all my head could think about was the past.  The rehearsals, the shows, …the parties.  I met most of these particular friends in the early 1990’s.  Two days ago, one of them celebrated their 19th wedding Anniversary-Holy COW (as she always says!)!!  We’ve traveled to each others weddings, retirement parties, 21st birthdays, 30th birthdays, 40th birthdays and most recently our children’s birthdays.  And we have children… lots of them… EVERYWHERE.  It was surreal to see us now.  One of my (very famous) dance teachers back in dance school used to get so angry at us.  She would yell, “OH! Just go home and make babies!!”  And so Melissa Hayden, may she rest in peace, although we did have a dance career first, we came around and had those babies.

I was thrilled that I happened to bring  my “real camera” as opposed to my iphone travel camera , and snapped quite a few of one of my friend’s newest daughter Sylvia!! She is truly a doll.

While writing this, I looked over in my office, to see a box of photos… I looked inside and these were literally right on top.  A teeny glimpse to our friendship back in the day…

Below are some of the kids…at least 8 are not pictured…

Make sure to celebrate the good times… they are truly memorable.



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Kim - and to think that you all haven’t aged a bit!!!!!

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