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25 Things You Don’t Know About Me |Virginia Beach Photographer

An amazing photographer, and “friend” (although we have never met in person) Brandy Anderson, who lives in Calgary, Canada, blogged about 25 things that we don’t know about her.  It was so much fun to read about her funny little quirks… So, here is a list about me- you may or may not know about them … Most likely, not so much.  Of course, I am feeling nice and vulnerable now…:)Please leave me a comment below, and let me know some of yours!

#1) My husband and I knew each other growing up, from at least third grade on… and I never in a MILLION years thought we would be where we are today… married 11 years next month!

#2) I don’t really like walking around barefoot… maybe it was always out of fear of hurting the bottoms of my feet back while I was dancing.  When I have stuff to do at home, I always wear my tennis shoes ’cause it makes me feel like I have the ability to run around and get my work done.  Flip-flops means a lazy day.

#3) I absolutely love buying office supplies.  Everything fresh and new… new pencils/pens, paper… the store itself is intoxicating and somehow therapeutic to me.

#4) I don’t like most music concerts… they are too loud for me.

#5) I taught Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, Pilates one time in her private hotel suite, while she was here in Norfolk, VA.  When her assistant called my Pilates studio (my business pre-photography), I wasn’t 100% sure who the Duchess of York was.

#6) I am a birdwatcher… I love them and can usually tell you what kind of bird it is. If I can’t, I actually take the time to look it up and learn about it.

#7) I have a need to have unusual things around me.  If someone is trying to sell me something and they use the sentence, “These are our most popular such-n-such’s”, they have unknowingly turned me immediately off, and I will never look twice at the item again.

#8) I have found that when shopping, I am drawn to certain colors on certain days. For example, I will walk into say TJMAXX, and notice a sunflower yellow purse that I like.  The next thing I know I am drawn to a yellowish sweater… then it would be yellowish mugs… etc.  But the next time I am out looking, it will be a totally different color… I have yet to figure out this phenomenon.

#9) I think that peanut butter would probably taste good on just about anything.

#10) I often pass up interesting items because I think to myself, “I could make that myself”… and of course, I never do.

#11) I seriously choke up and even sometimes cry a little when reading children’s stories to my kids… they always have such great messages!

#12) I have always liked the smell of mushrooms, but never been able to eat them… until recently.  I think my taste-buds might be changing.  This is absolutely shocking to my husband, who thought we would share our passionate dislike together forever.

#13) I wash my hands every single time I enter my house… and I secretly sort of wish everyone else did that too.

#14) I am a morning person.  The best time of day (which I rarely get out of my house to see) is just before dawn- it’s magical.

#15) I have yet to make any proper baby books, scrapbooks or photo albums, which I feel is a huge failure that I hope to correct very soon… seriously pathetic! Oh and yes, I actually purchased each album and tons of scrap-booking supplies to do it and yet, here they sit.  Ironically, another amazing photographer friend, Kelly Willette, just blogged about this very topic today- check it out!

#16) There were a couple of years, when we first had kids, that our beloved dog, Sofi, was literally the very last thing on the list… The dog, (what had been our first baby), became “the _____ dog”…and she knew it.

#17) I love getting mail.  Snail mail, email… any mail. On the days that there is very little, like the weekends… I feel a little empty.

#18) I love polishing sterling silver… I know it is crazy, but I do.

#19) I truly felt a personal loss with the death of Jacques Cousteau.

#20) I am a serious back-seat-driver.  If you don’t put your turn signal on AND turn your head to check your blind spot… Well, let’s just say, I will do it for you.

#21) When I meet someone who is in their early 20’s, I always think in the back of my head, “Cool, we are almost the same age…”

#22) I used to be a professional ballet dancer, but my children barely know that about me.

#23) I have given my husband a “push present” for every birth of our three children, even though he has never even come close to doing any “pushing”, and as it has turned out, neither have I.

#24) I don’t really think blondes have more fun.  But sometimes I wish I had me some shiny blonde locks… just for fun.

#25) I find it is rather rewarding to be the grown-up and use the phrase,  “Because I said so, that is why.”

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Debby - I’ve always known we had a lot of similarities and I loved reading your list. I most strongly relate to #3 and #21-which made me giggle because I didn’t know anyone else thought that way as well :)

Your photography work continues to impress me. You have such a good eye (realistically, it’s probably 2 good eyes:)

I don’t think I could make such a long list, but here’s a few.

1) I dislike that the stores put out the back to school stuff in early July, when we’ve only just started summer.
2) I love organizational supplies and when I need to organize a drawer or cabinet, if I purchase one tiny new organizational tool, I get the motivation to do that project.
3) I love art shows and being able to meet the artist and have a story behind the piece of art.
4) I love that when my children come home, they run inside the house as if they are on a mission to “grab that book, sort those silly bandz” or whatever.
5) I like cheerful and colorful things. Probably too much color for many. . .
6) When I was younger and taking dance classes, we needed to have 3 varieties. I was in ballet, gymnastics and needed a third. So naturally, I selected hula dancing.
7) On my honeymoon, my husband challenged another “cruise passenger” to arm wrestle me as a joke. I followed through and actually beat this 50 year old man (unless he let me win, which was probable)
8) I secretly love it when my daughter calls my husband to “take care” of a bug in our house, because she says it not my job.

I know my list isn’t that great, but I wanted to share back because I liked reading yours :)

julie - Turns out these lists are sort of fun hey? I love your logo- so cute. Here is my list :)

Brandy - Hahahaha, these are awesome! What’s so weird, is that I used to hate mushrooms too! I once cried when my husband brought home a pepperoni and mushroom pizza. I love them now though, esp. fried with butter and garlic.

Elyse - Thanks Jessica and Amanda- and Bonni, you just made my morning! LOVE!!

Tasha - I loved reading this post!

I took ballet classes for six years as a child. I loved it, but I never got the hang of toe shoes. I still love any kind of dance.

Roses are my favorite flowers, but I only like the ones that have a fragrance. The scentless ones make me sad. I love to take my daughters to the rose garden at the botanical gardens. We walk through and compare the scent of different blooms.

I love walking in the woods in winter. When I was in high school, I would get up at dawn on the weekends and go walking in the woods with my dad’s dogs. We never got lost.

Bonni - I totally get the attraction to a certain color at certain times thing! I find myself drawn to colors a year or two before they become the IT color. By the time it’s in…I’m over it.

I’m terrified of running out of toilet paper. I rarely have less than 50 rolls in my house at any given time

Bar soap creeps me out unless I’m the only one using it.

I sleep on average 6 hours a night.

I never lived anywhere longer than 8 months until I was 21 years old.

My first crush was Dean Martin.

At age 9, I was looking for an apartment of my own.

My husband can’t figure out why I notice the subtle differences when comparing several pairs of black pumps…but not black cars.

My Grandfather taught me to: Live within my means, love Johnny Carson, the importance of critical thinking.

I cry every time I see the troops come home on the news.

Sewing machines baffle me.

I love the stories that old houses,old furniture and old people tell.

I’ve been kicked out of Catholic school, Baptist Bible Study, AWANAS, and once caused a boy I dated to be excommunicated from the Church of LDS because I asked too many questions.

I love to travel alone.

I’m a little neurotic when it comes to laundry.

While walking the aisles of a grocery store, all things are possible.

Tim Russert and the Crocodile Hunter…I miss them both.

Amanda - I LOVE this list…and the idea behind it!!! :)

Jessica - I personally quite love #21. It quite made me giggle. Mostly becasue I’ll meet people in their 30’s and think the same thing.. STRANGE.

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