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So, I hope you all had a fabulous Mother’s Day! I hope your kids made you something ridiculously cute and maybe your husband gave you something special as a little token or gift. My day was a lovely day… except… I did attend a funeral.  The great thing about it was the person who passed away, (my good friend’s grandfather), was 90 years old.  There is always something that strikes my husband and me when we are listening to family/friends speak of the life of someone no longer here. At that is, why can’t we make a point to talk about that person like that when they are here??  We loved listening to the stories about “Pop”.  He was married for 70 (that’s right-s-e-v-e-n-t-y!!!) years!!!!!! I will tell you that the thought of that brought an overwhelming reminder to make sure to honor my husband every day… how else can we grow old together?  I will say, that this particular family DOES talk to each other and about each other in the way I am about to describe- so they are the exception to the norm.

Is it so hard to really tell someone how we feel about them, to really say that they have taught us even the smallest, littlest thing?  Why should we wait for a eulogy? I, actually try to live by this code.  When I think of something about someone, I try to let them know… why  not?  It might be an email, a text, a phone call, a gift for nothing… just thank you for being part of my life and contributing to my world.

I know years ago, when I owned Axiom, The Pilates Center of VA®, I experienced a similar situation to a funeral when I sold the studio.  The new owner made huge changes, the most obvious one being that my studio looked like it had been Photoshopped from a color portrait to a black and white. It had looked like a shop straight out of Soho, with bright fun colors, industrial equipment and funky reception decor.  She came in and chose all monochromatic black and grey everything.  My clients suddenly were mourning the loss of Axiom and all that went with it.  If I had a nickel for every time someone told me that they so missed the colors, they felt so happy and energized before, they loved the old name, the old logo, my instruction, etc… and were so sad to see them go.  OY! Had ANY of them told me any of that when I was the owner?  Maybe occasionally, but not so much.  It was like Axiom’s little funeral…the saddest thing was to hear the amazing compliments only after the decision (which would never have been changed) had been long made.   Only then, did anyone even think to say what they loved about me and my business… Unfortunately, it was bittersweet.

LESSON for this Monday… if I may.  The next time you are with a friend, or family member, or even a perfect stranger,  and that someone brings something to your conscious that is positive and enables you to grow… please, consider thanking them right then and there.  If the Target® check-out lady is extraordinarily nice and helpful, maybe let her know how amazingly unusual she is and what a pleasure it was to shop there that day.  Maybe get her name and tell the manager.  If your friend picks up your kids from school and the kids come home raving about the special snack that she prepared, maybe let her know what a thoughtful person and mom she is, and how you just are going to HAVE to copy her in the future.

This is an easy thing to do.  Life is so short… except in someone like Pop’s case.:)Not only did he get to live to 90, to see his children have grandchildren and great grandchildren.  He actually LIVED his life and VOICED his opinions, and let his loved ones know what was what.  THAT is what they shared with us at his funeral… THAT was my take away.  Don’t wait till someone is long gone, or until the one day a year that says on the calendar “FATHER’S DAY”, for example… Let’s open our eyes each day, and see something special about it.  It is a daily gift that deserves to be re-gifted… I know as odd as it may seem, seeing as I did attend a funeral on Mother’s Day, honoring, remembering and celebrating Pop’s life was a tremendous (Mother’s day) gift.  So today, no photographs (yet) :),  just a little something I wanted to gift to you.


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