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Grateful for Chaos | Virginia Beach, Norfolk Photographer

After only going to school for two days out of two weeks due to snow and ice, my kids are starting back this week as if it is the hardest thing they have ever done. Yesterday and today feels like the second week of school. (Not the first week of school, because they are too excited the first week. You know, the day the second week, when they realize we aren’t going swimming in the afternoon like we did all summer-even though it is still hot and daylight until 9pm?)

Yeah, this week feels like that day.

I try to stay calm. I try to remind myself to be grateful.

I try to gently remind them that their little daily jobs in the morning only entail:

1. Get Dressed (“YES of course with socks and shoes!”)

2. Eat breakfast (“Now that you came down so late, there is only time for a bar in the car!”)

3. Brush Teeth (“Your toothbrush is still in the exact same place it was yesterday when you said you could not find it and now that you haven’t brushed for two mornings- your teeth WILL fall out!”

So, there’s that.

And then there’s this:

The time right when we need them to get into the car. No matter how much time we leave for the actual loading of the car… my kids act like the clock has stopped and they have ALL DAY LONG to do this task.

First the noise level increases. In fact noises are being made for no apparent reason- just everyone has this need to make their own very loud noise. Has anyone done studies on this??? It is a phenomenon.

Then there are all the things that suddenly are needed yet nowhere to be found. This issue (yes we have places for everything) is nothing short of extraordinary. Shoes, coats, homework, papers to sign, snacks, projects, whole backpacks — BIG HUGE BACKPACKS— gone! I mean, the list is endless.

So as the clock seems to speed up suddenly like the last bit of sand through the hour glass, everything goes haywire.

One of my kids is walking around in slow motion, making robot noises to accompany the movement. It’s as if he is just waiting for the rest of us to get our acts together. Problem is that the kid doing this does NOT have shoes on and has not eaten breakfast.

Other kids are screaming and running in circles because I am trying to brush three day old bed-head-hair (I know, I know- I have already been notified, I am the “worst mother e-v-e-r!”

The whole thing reminds me of little wind up toys all going at the same time, some running into each other, some spinning legs in the air when knocked over. Me running over and over over and over into the wall.

Am I alone here? Are your families sitting at the table eating that perfect continental breakfast they used to show on TV commercials -you know, with eggs, toast, milk, orange juice, cereal and then they kiss the parents calmly goodbye on the way out to school?

image from google

image from Google

Today sweet husband drove them to school. So after I close and lock the door quickly to not let anyone back in (believe me, you never know), I am FINALLY in complete silence.

I look around the kitchen and see the aftermath of lunches being made, breakfast being made, a few dishes from last night (because I actually cooked)… and before I tackle all the mess…I just have to take a moment to work the concept of being grateful into my day.

It’s pretty difficult to feel it in the midst of chaos- that is something I am striving for- and I am improving on.

I think about this because I don’t want to feel grateful only when we are past this stage of our life.


After mentally punching those people for saying such nonsense – I stop and ponder the statement, because hands down it is consistent.

The coveted quiet is only so wonderful if it is balanced with the chaos of our crazy kiddos.

I am trying.

I am grateful.

Just need to get more grateful during the chaos.

Anyone good at that? Please message me on best practices:)


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