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I LOVE Thanksgiving and Autumn! | Virginia Family, Children, Baby Photographer

I am just so thankful! I love love love this time of year.  Autumn is absolutely my favorite season.  I love the colors, the temperature, the breeze, the scents, the food, the energy.  I know what is coming (shopping, snow, the end of the year, frigid air…) But there is something about those little orange leaves gracefully floating through the air, that tells me it’s time to just say thank you.  I do thank G-d every day for my life and these beautiful things, but perhaps I don’t say thank you to my fellow earthlings as often :). So, thank you to my amazing family, incredible friends and of course, my Sweet People Photography™ fans!! I am seriously one lucky gal.

I am sitting here writing this post, with one hand as 4 week old baby Flora is having her breakfast (well, one of her many breakfasts).  My wonderful participatory husband got the kids breakfast, helped them get dressed, and drove them to school (and does almost every morning!)  There is super loud hammering on this side of my house as my kitchen is being completely renovated, added on to, and did I mention I get a new office out of it?:)My life is very, very full right now.  Am I crazy? Uh -YES!!! Perhaps- but it is all so wonderful.  And while my recovery from my (4th) C-section is taking a bit longer this time (gee, I wonder why?), I am beyond thankful that the baby and I are both doing okay and the other kids all adore her and aren’t asking to get rid of her (like I asked when my sister was born!)  This is the first year in the last four,  that I will not be hosting over 23 some family members here at our home, of course due mostly to the kitchen renovation.  We simply don’t have one, and everything that was in our kitchen, is piled high in every other room- looks like we literally just moved in.  I DO have an assistant that helps me clean, do laundry and keep things straight, not to mention my kids adore her- so I am VERY VERY THANKFUL for her!!

Every year for Thanksgiving, I look forward to not only seeing everyone, but also to figuring out how I’m going to decorate the table.  Soon, I will look forward to cooking in my brand new kitchen.  The past three years, my mother and step-father have cooked almost everything, re-heated it on TOP of my stove top because my kitchen of the past, had THE WORLD’S SMALLEST teeny tiny oven that literally fit a cookie sheet, and ONLY if turned it sideways!  It occurred to me today, that many of you may enjoy checking out my crazy centerpiece ideas and so I thought I would share.  These images were NOT taken with a professional eye, so please forgive the quality.

This idea came from an arrangement I saw once by a local floral designer team, The New Leaf. (Theirs was WAY bigger and more deluxe with spring flowers everywhere!) I just took this tall branch from right outside my porch.  The tricky thing is how to affix it to the centerpiece.  I got lucky, because I had something that worked, and the branch was not too heavy.

Next, I absolutely am obsessed with cranberries and bogs! SO, this was my idea of a mini one for my table.  I filled this planter with water and dropped the beautiful cranberries right in- and of course, they float.  I just think it is magical- maybe I’d add some floating candles next time!

And the last one, was actually my first one I did.  I saw fresh Brussels sprouts at the grocery store- and instantly envisioned  what I wanted to do! I am crazy about fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers- and have a passion for seeing them in abundance.  What better time to see it come to life, than Thanksgiving!

So, I hope you enjoyed the images and maybe they got your creative juices flowing… I can almost smell the turkey now :).  I am, of course, booking sessions now for December and January… LOVE hats and scarves in photos- so don’t wait for spring!!   If you have a newborn, we can always arrange for the session right away.  Thank you for your patience while I was not posting much.  I am getting back on my feet now, and will be posting more soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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