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Just a quick idea for Mother’s Day | Virginia Beach Children, Babies, Newborn, Maternity photography

Looking toward the weekend, I wanted to mention to all my people, that a couple of very important holidays are around the corner… Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  For those of you who still have your parents here with you, please take a moment out of your busy lives, consider what would bring them the greatest smiles, and then – deliver!! At the end of the day, I think that they would like to ‘hear’ from you- be it in a note, or a phone call… or even in person… Tell them.  Make their day!  Surely something is so memorable that you can express it to them in words.

It is so interesting being a mother now, because suddenly the holiday has shifted.  It is no longer only about my feelings towards my mother, grandmother and anyone else I want to bow down to, it is about little ‘ole me.  And, what do I want?  Well, I want no screaming, a day of “thank you’s”, a clean home, and a thriving kitchen garden. Too much?  Okay, how about 24 hours away from my family?  Just kidding…! Hmmmm.  Okay… the truth is, I love to take my family strawberry picking, which we do try to do every year, and I would love love love a wonderful photograph of my kids, and one with me in it.  That is something I know I will cherish absolutely forever.  I think I can make all of this happen… My wonderful husband knows these things bring me the greatest smiles.  And of course, giving my own mother a big hug and thoughtful note, is on the list too.  I asked my mother to pull out any old photos of the two of us… I have vowed after seeing the small handful of them that we need to take photographs together much more often.  She also brought over a note that I wrote to her on her birthday several years back, while I was away on a cruise vacation…  I guess if she chose to save it, it really made an impact. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you fellow mom’s.  Do yourself one favor- and take out your cameras- I look forward to seeing what you come up with while your family surrounds you this Sunday!!

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