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Every day I have to say the words out loud, I drop my head in shame.  My kids are struggling.  They are struggling with their little world of elementary school.  Homework is just about the most evil thing ever invented, and if I feel that way, I know they do.

Every day that I  tell someone my kids don’t really do any one thing in particular after school right now, I drop my head in shame.  My kids like to come home and chill out.  They come home hungry and tired and for the few hours before bed, they just want to play for the most part.  They like doing an after school activity sometimes, but not any one thing all the time… yet.

The good news is, they are actually content with hanging out and playing or running around outside.  There is no TV on the weekdays and NO electronics either.  Now, if I am being honest, and I always am… there is also a fair share of fighting, yelling, screaming and my all time favorite one: whining.

I know that this is all just a chapter in our lives.  In just a few years, my eldest daughter will be a teenager, and “playing” will be a thing of the past.  It will be all about her friends 100% of the time and she will leave her siblings and me in the dust.  It is all just a matter of time.

I know I have been MIA lately on my blog and Facebook page, because while I have been working throughout, I have been working with a heavy dose of family… in sickness and in health… and for whatever reason this fall, we have had our share of sickness.

Today I read both of these articles as they were presented to me this morning, while two of my kids lie on the sofa not feeling well…  I highly recommend these quick reads, and while they inspired me to write about some recent thoughts that have been floating around my head, I will now return to my kids.  Maybe I will even do NOTHING  while I hug my little people.

Feel free to comment because there is nothing better than knowing we are NOT alone.





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Stephanie - Loved reading into your daily life! Enjoy the moments… I know you do most of the time :) as for the activities, all highly over rated in reality! It’s a great grown up race for the most part!! If and when they discover a passion, it will be theirs and they will own it ! Then it worth every moment of the carpool world! Hug the little people… They end up in college all too soon as I’m learning ! Miss you !

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