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My Vitamix Story | Virginia Baby, Children and Family Photographer

My husband, David, of 12 years + our four children under the age of 7.75, (so that’s not one but two middle children) + a dog who has some hearing loss, (probably from all the screaming) + volunteer work (committees are like rabbits) + my photography BUSINESS (yeah, really, it’s not an occasional hobby) + house + yard + laundry + sticky floors and an abundance of STUFF everywhere + holidays, birthdays + workouts + dinners + homework + coffee + wine + washing my hair and contemplation of 2012’s New Year’s resolutions.

I sat gazing out the window with the nine-mile stare.  Everything seemed to be moving right along, smooth sailing…but then it came. That day.  When the water comes up over my head, and I can’t breathe and I am drowning in a sea of 6 people’s clothes, diapers and one too many deadlines.  And then without fail, (remember-already not breathing), someone unwittingly asks me for ONE MORE (not so small) THING.  And just like that, just as sure as it is round… the ball starts rolling.

The last time it happened, I ranted to David how I was not super-human and wasn’t even trying to be… how I needed a magic wand to do all the things I needed to do in a day. While he is always my Prince Charming, he does not have a wand like the Fairy Godmother.  I wasn’t complaining because I knew I had made my own bed (NO! Of course not that bed-it’s a bloomin’ mess!) Most days, I am able to trudge forward with gusto and energy, but not that day.  The automatic overload protector had been tripped, and I completely shut down.

Does this happen to anyone else???

So as it turns out, I am just like a Vitamix blender. I get overheated and overloaded. There. I said it.

From the Vitamix guarantee, “Quite simply, there is nothing that compares to the power, performance and versatility of a Vitamix when it comes to blending…When you invest in a Vitamix, you are getting the highest-performing, longest-lasting blender available with a warranty to match.”

Luckily, there is a process to reset.

So at the risk of being alone in my piles, as well as sounding insane, I have written this post.

Quick summary:

What to do on “P-day” (Panic Day/that day):


Get some fresh air.

Review your processing techniques.

Gently push back into place.

Make sure recipe does not have too many ingredients.

In the spirit of breathing daily, blend and celebrate.


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Rodger Hopkins - Perhaps you should have been a writer Elyse. Very well written!

Michelle - I need to remember this. The semester is coming to an end in a few weeks & I feel like I’m being pulled in 9 gazillion different directions (as I am). Thanks for posting, Elyse!

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