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Living with Homework | Virginia Beach Photographer

Every day I have to say the words out loud, I drop my head in shame.  My kids are struggling.  They are struggling with their little world of elementary school.  Homework is just about the most evil thing ever invented, and if I feel that way, I know they do.

Every day that I  tell someone my kids don’t really do any one thing in particular after school right now, I drop my head in shame.  My kids like to come home and chill out.  They come home hungry and tired and for the few hours before bed, they just want to play for the most part.  They like doing an after school activity sometimes, but not any one thing all the time… yet.

The good news is, they are actually content with hanging out and playing or running around outside.  There is no TV on the weekdays and NO electronics either.  Now, if I am being honest, and I always am… there is also a fair share of fighting, yelling, screaming and my all time favorite one: whining.

I know that this is all just a chapter in our lives.  In just a few years, my eldest daughter will be a teenager, and “playing” will be a thing of the past.  It will be all about her friends 100% of the time and she will leave her siblings and me in the dust.  It is all just a matter of time.

I know I have been MIA lately on my blog and Facebook page, because while I have been working throughout, I have been working with a heavy dose of family… in sickness and in health… and for whatever reason this fall, we have had our share of sickness.

Today I read both of these articles as they were presented to me this morning, while two of my kids lie on the sofa not feeling well…  I highly recommend these quick reads, and while they inspired me to write about some recent thoughts that have been floating around my head, I will now return to my kids.  Maybe I will even do NOTHING  while I hug my little people.

Feel free to comment because there is nothing better than knowing we are NOT alone.





Until next time,

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Stephanie - Loved reading into your daily life! Enjoy the moments… I know you do most of the time :) as for the activities, all highly over rated in reality! It’s a great grown up race for the most part!! If and when they discover a passion, it will be theirs and they will own it ! Then it worth every moment of the carpool world! Hug the little people… They end up in college all too soon as I’m learning ! Miss you !

Watching them Grow! | Chesapeake Children Photographer

These twins brothers are growing so fast and they are two lucky little boys to have these amazing parents!  They are working hard to master their new-found skill of sitting up and they are very pleased with their achievement!  Great visit on a beautiful, hot summer day and I am looking SO forward to our autumn session!

Can’t really believe it’s only been a few months really since these boys were newborns! These babies were featured in a newborn blogpost which can be viewed here.  Favorites that were posted can be viewed here and here.

Until next time!


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Boris Pol - Wow. What a cute little family beautifully captured in photos.

video - beautifully family

Ottawa Photographer - What a cute little family beautifully captured in photos.

Sitting Pretty – Norfolk and Portsmouth Children Photographer

If you haven’t experienced a Sweet People Photography® session yet, this gallery is a recent example of a baby/family photography session.  I thoroughly enjoyed shooting in the most beautiful area in Portsmouth, Virginia.

To see more from this session as well as black and white click here.   And if you missed this post or this one, check them out now!

*****Autumn is going to be here before you know it, session dates are limited so please do not wait to book yours.  Also if you haven’t seen the Sweet People website in a while this little cutie pie is the current cover girl!  Hope you are enjoying your summer!!



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Boris pol - beautiful family photos

kaprize - cool photo

Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake Newborn Photographer

Welcome Audrey Grace!  Your girls are absolutely precious!

If you or someone you know is expecting, please share this post with them!  If you would like to see more from this session, check out the PASS gallery (the Sweet People digital delivery system) here.  For a couple more favorites, click here, and here.

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Life is but a dream come true! | Virginia Beach Photographer


This morning, around 8:15am, I had asked my three (out of four) children to rally for camp.  The usual, “Get dressed, brush teeth, and put your shoes on- and HURRY UP!” began.  They moaned and whined like I was asking them to eat mud and clean the basement. Little Flora was the only one excited to complete the task, and she spent five minutes working her shirt up and over her head all by herself, and demonstrated how she can take her diaper off in record time (and even throw it away!)  She was rather proud.

A red car drove down the street.  After a few minutes, I glanced outside to see the car had pulled into our driveway. A couple had gotten out and started walking around the side of the house to a door no one really uses.  I stared and studied them.  I suddenly realized that the man was a sweet family friend who lives nearby.  Cool.  The woman accompanying him however, was not his wife that I could tell.

I looked harder… and my eyes grew larger- and it hit me.

Evelynl!!!!!!  My BEST FRIEND FROM 3rd GRADE… who I keep in touch with via Facebook, and lives very FAR away!

She and her uncle were literally walking up the steps to my front door.

I ran to meet her, swung open the door and said, “S-H-U-U-U-T UP.”

It was all I could say.  I hugged her tight and just like in the movies, a slice of life passed before my eyes.  I think I began speaking, maybe a lot… but I have no idea what I said.

When you realize that you’ve lived a life and LOVED someone other than family… a mere friend at such a tender young age (8 or 9 years old)… Well, you cry.  You cry because you realize that your life back then, that which seemed so unbelievably dramatic, was simply said: “Growing-Up”.

This friendship I am talking about started in the early 80’s.  And all too soon, her family left Virginia Beach, and relocated overseas.  To this day, I’ve saved many of the letters she wrote.  I can still visualize sitting on my bed, slicing open her pastel rainbow lined stationery, reading her three page letters describing her new life in Israel, that always ended in some version of, “Yours till Niagra Falls”.


Back to today.

I just sat down and had a bite to eat with David, and he asked what we had talked about today… (We had the opportunity to visit this afternoon with both of our families at the neighborhood pool.)

“I don’t know,” I said with a reminscing smile, “Work… current life… her move to Denver… the kids.”

Today the old memories subtly played behind the scenes.  Her mannerisms and laugh are still exactly as they were… her energy- the same.

I looked at her wonderful husband, whom I just met today, and asked, “Do you just fall in love with her over and over again every day?!”

When she moved away from Virginia several decades ago, we walked “our” beach in Newport News one last time, crying and laughing and we carried a handwritten note.


We buried it in the sand, in true-young-dramatic-girl fashion… crying and day-dreaming of the day that we could see each other again.

I still have many of our letters.  I still have a plastic box with tiny perfect conch shells from our beach…

And today, in the midst of a slightly chaotic camp morning, with a naked 2 year old dancing around the yard, and piles of life everywhere…

A (very old) dream came true… and made me feel like that little girl all over again.

 “I look at my childhood friendships differently now.  Powerful stuff those first real connections.”— Evelyn Becker

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Jessica Carlson - Isn’t life AWESOME! Elyse you are a special person and a wonderful friend. You are the kind of person who defines Best friend and lives it for life. I am so so happy for you both to have had this sweet reunion -and to see you living such a rich full life! I hope I get to meet your awesome family one day! xo Jessica

Elyse - Thank you Shontel and Alene! I am still smiling 😉

Shontel Kellum - You’re such a great writer!! LOVE this!!!

Alene Jo Kaufman - I have no words… Just tears! Thinking of two special little girls and the dreams that they shared.

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