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First Time for Everything | Hampton Roads Norfolk Children Photographer

When baby #4 was born nearly two years ago, I knew it would be sooner than later that she would be sportin’ her new backpack and heading off to “school” (mom’s morning out program).  I couldn’t really picture it, but knew eventually she would be running down the hallway, trying to copy her older siblings, and do it all by herself.  And today was that day.  Summer went by just a bit too quickly this year.  That said, I actually had a few minutes to exercise today- and it got me thinking that with a few hours to myself a few days a week, I might actually come up for air.


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Jessica King - I love being able to come read every so often and check in on all of the great things happening with you guys. Your family is so wonderful and hope you’re all doing so well!

22 years and counting | Hampton Roads Baby Photographer

Life long friends don’t just happen over night… they happen because they are with you through thick and thin… in  sickness and in health…through good times and bad… and all the while time keeps on tickin’ tickin’ tickin’.   This summer, I had the opportunity to hang out with some life-long friends from my “Richmond Ballet years”.  It was surreal.  We had beer, we had wine… we had children… EVERYWHERE.  I was literally speechless at times, because being around *these* friends, all my head could think about was the past.  The rehearsals, the shows, …the parties.  I met most of these particular friends in the early 1990’s.  Two days ago, one of them celebrated their 19th wedding Anniversary-Holy COW (as she always says!)!!  We’ve traveled to each others weddings, retirement parties, 21st birthdays, 30th birthdays, 40th birthdays and most recently our children’s birthdays.  And we have children… lots of them… EVERYWHERE.  It was surreal to see us now.  One of my (very famous) dance teachers back in dance school used to get so angry at us.  She would yell, “OH! Just go home and make babies!!”  And so Melissa Hayden, may she rest in peace, although we did have a dance career first, we came around and had those babies.

I was thrilled that I happened to bring  my “real camera” as opposed to my iphone travel camera , and snapped quite a few of one of my friend’s newest daughter Sylvia!! She is truly a doll.

While writing this, I looked over in my office, to see a box of photos… I looked inside and these were literally right on top.  A teeny glimpse to our friendship back in the day…

Below are some of the kids…at least 8 are not pictured…

Make sure to celebrate the good times… they are truly memorable.



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Kim - and to think that you all haven’t aged a bit!!!!!

It’s not easy being this cute! | Virginia Beach and Norfolk Children’s Photographer

Thank you for gracing me with your amazing-ness – If a future in modeling is what you desire, I vote YES!  I just love that you wore this T-shirt- You know what they say, “If the shoe fits…”

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jules - these two are so darn cute! those curls are to die for. beautiful, fun session!

Laura - Love the bright colors and those kids, oh my adorableness!!!

Angela Benavides - WOW! Stunning. Gorgeous kids and gorgeous photos!!

Kelly Q - So stinkin’ cute! That hair kills me! Love the b&ws… so beautiful!

Kim Hill - Wowsers – the first child is a model in the making for sure!!! Both are adorable and I love the shots that are B&W.

cindy - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I’m never shocked at your talent……. but always amazed! You did this shoot in a snap and took a simple location, with simple bricks and even weeds and made it specatular! Of course you were shooting beautiful kids…. but that eye of yours captured them the way only a mother usually sees her babies!

Melissa - These are so beautiful – I absolutely love the black and whites but the pink and green looks great!!

Lindsay Koehler - They may be the cutest kids I have seen. How exciting to get to photograph them! These look great!

Virginia Beach and Norfolk newborn baby photography

I recently participated in a mentor-mentee leadership program to help the mentees (30’s/40’s year old) and the mentors (*older than us*) get to know each other a little better.  One of the questions during a speed-dating-style icebreaker was, “What do you do in your spare time?”  Each time, I answered confidently, “What spare time?”

Spare time… what is that?  I mean, personally, I get excited for Autumn because we “gain an hour” of time.  While on some days I feel like I am running in a rat’s wheel, most often I just feel like this is my exciting don’t-sit-down-until-8:00pm wonderful life.  I answered a text to a BFF the other day, that things had calmed back down to my “normal hurried pace”.

I don’t feel like I am missing anything- I DO stop and smell the roses…I am trying to take it ALL in every day.  I am grateful.

That said, I have no idea how I went from having our first baby like the family photographed with their new baby here, to where I am now.

I stared at my four children playing outdoors all day yesterday with friends in Richmond,  sticky and dirty, just enjoying their spare (summer) time,  and I wondered how it is already the last week in June. I thought we just popped the champagne and yelled Happy New Year 2012!

Does anyone else feel like this? Does anyone in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s with young children or babies have spare time?

Maybe I have a spare tire, (and I don’t really mean the one for the car), but that is the only spare around here.

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jules - I totally hear you on the no spare time!
this is such a beautiful session. I love each of them, but I really adore the framing of dad and baby in b&w.

Laura - Such wonderful lifestyle photography of a new baby, adorable!

Melissa VanLeeuwen - What a great session! Love the variety of images. Mom kissing babies toes, my fav:)

Melissa - Beautiful!! LOVE the black and white shot with their dog!! …it’s the perfect family photograph – love the lighting!!

Lindsay Koehler - what a great set of images! I love them all!

Kelly Q - What is spare time? I’m with you there! What a beautiful series of images. I love the b&w of momma kissing baby.. just pulls at the heart and makes me want another!

Military Family Life | {Virginia Beach | Norfolk children and family photographer}

Remember the baby sleeping on his dad’s officer’s hat?


He is already ONE…his brother is three, and I got word in December that their dad would be leaving in January for a year. My heart stood still.

Mom wrote back:

“I know… my heart stood still not so much when he told me (he was going), but later, when I had time to think of how much he will miss with the boys.”

What happens in a year?  Far more than I would like to think.  Mom asked me to create a photograph so they could remember and record their family life right NOW.  I want them to told hold onto these precious minutes together.  And so, I hope I froze time for you.  And boys, PLEASEEEEEEE don’t grow up too fast.



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Lauren - WOW!! Elyse, this brought tears to my eyes. As always, you captured memories that this family will treasure forever and the boys can look at these pictures and smile whenever they miss their Daddy!

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