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Wow! I am sitting here Friday morning, with oh-so-much to do. But, as I sipped my morning coffee, I just had to share.  I have been hanging out on Jasmine Star’s blog this morning.  Don’t know Jasmine?  She is one of the top wedding photographers in the world!  She is just incredible in so many ways- her photography rocks, of course, and her ability to bring herself to her art and her business, all the while being honest and true – is just unbelievably refreshing.  It occurred to me, “Do I do that? I would like to think I do that…do I do that?”

So, here is my A-ha! moment of the morning.  I scanned dozens and dozens of images of her work this morning. I absolutely think that her images are amazing- but for me, something fell short in my heart.  It took me a while – but then I realized what it was…  As a photographer and artist, I don’t want to shoot engagements or weddings… I want to shoot children and babies and new mothers and family interactions.  That is what I do, that is what I choose to solely focus on, and for that reason- YES! I am bringing myself to my art and my business (I think?) See, Jasmine is married and has no kids (I don’t think).  I see her able to focus all of her attention on her husband (yes, he is adorable!) and their love for each other comes through in her photographs of other couples… Well, guess what?!! I am married (oh yes, he is adorable-even 10 years later!) and our love for each other has brought about three children under the age of 6!! My life is mostly consumed with the joys, challenges and creativity of motherhood!!!!  I LOVE photographing and capturing the precious fast fleeting moments of children, of newborns, of family.  And did I say LOVE? I mean LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVE!  If Jasmine’s photographs were of children, I would have been drooling and swooning.  Please don’t take this the wrong way- they are AMAZING images… but as a photographer who was thinking of herself (whoops, did I say that?) while reading and viewing the gorgeous images – I was missing just a little something, that I could not quite put my finger on until right this minute!

My 6 year old Bella... you get the picture.

So, NO! I don’t do weddings.  No, I don’t foresee myself doing weddings… I am a life-style photographer. I love food and fashion. I love my husband…. I love a ton of the same things Jasmine loves. But for me – my passion of the day is: I love children. period. And I hope…HOPE… that I always bring myself into my art and my business and am true to who I am along the way.   Thank you for having coffee with me, Jasmine *Star- You rock and are an inspiration!  Check her out at and if you are ever getting married in California- she’s your girl, no doubt!

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