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Very Important Photo Contest! | Virginia Beach Family Photography

So, you have been anxiously awaiting this and on the edge of your seat…

First, I need to say thank you and a Happy Mother’s Day to you all.  I have received such wonderful feedback about Mother’s Day and capturing moments that don’t always seem like much at the time … and so, it is time.  Time to upload the shots you took, pull out your favorite of you and Nana… and show them to… me!  I am presenting the first Very Important Photo Contest for Sweet People Photography!

The contest theme is called: “Family: From Generation to Generation.”

If it is of you and your children- great. If it is of you and a parent- great.  If it is of you and a grandparent… great! Siblings- great!! If it is a combination of all of the above… or a mixture within- great!!! You get the picture? (no pun intended:)) It can be old or new- but it needs to be important and meaningful to you. Something  you have always cherished, or one that you recently took, that you know will help you relive that moment forever.

Very Important Rules:

1. Email the photograph to  Please include your name and a description of the photograph.

2. Please write a sentence or two about what this image has meant to you.

3. You must be a ‘fan’ on my Facebook page.  This means, in new Facebook terminology that you “like” me… and you do, don’t you?:)

4. You must be a subscriber to my blog. This is done by inserting your email, and clicking “get the scoop” to enter it.  There are a couple of prompts to follow at that time, so that we may all avoid spam and keep security high.  Entering your email simply means that when I post something new to my blog, that you will receive ONE email from me at that time…That is it.  Nothing more and no one else will ever get your email through me.

5. You must live within 30 miles of Virginia Beach area.  If you would like to enter the contest so badly, and you live outside of my 30 miles, which is rather generous already, please email me and tell me that you are willing to abide by a slightly different set of rules- including a travel fee and minimum order.  Can’t travel to D.C. without some help, is all:)

Next, I will go through and choose the ones that will become part of the Finalists.  You and all of your friends will then have the ability to vote for your favorite one!  Easy- good, clean fun!!   I will not, I repeat, NOT, be judging the photography on technique or composition.  Instead it will be all about the content and how it makes me feel… Did I laugh, did I cry?  No matter- just that it left me with something…. a sigh, a moment.  Absolutely no clue about portrait photography or your fancy camera is necessary… Just submit it. Go do it!  It is a no brainer because check out what you win:


1. One full (1-2 hour) on-location session with Elyse (children or immediate family only)… free.

2. One 8×10… free.

3. One 5×7… free.

4. 8 wallets…free.

5. 50% off a la carte rates!


1. One mini (30 minute) on-location session with Elyse (children or up to four immediate family only)…free.

2. One 5×7… free.

3. 8 wallets… free.

4. 20% off a la carte rates!

{**Prize sessions must be completed (used) by September 1st, 2010.  In other words, they expire after the first of September.}

I have extended the deadline so please enter NOW!  Don’t forget to email me with the image, and double check the few rules outlined above to be sure to enter properly.  Be sure to tell your friends… the more the merrier!  If you have any questions, please just ask!!

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